Driving Manual in a Digital Age

Leyya Kalla, Hasnayn Ebrahim

27 February 2017

What do decades of analysis in the strategy execution space yield for the client?

Certainly a plethora of more tactics, plans and strategies to improve. But actual and tangible improvement?

The fact is only 42% of managers and 27% of employees get access to an organisations strategic plan – this leaves the majority of employee’s confused about where their organization is going and how they fit in its larger story.

In our current environment, where more and more people – especially amongst millennials – want work that matches their values. Where its demonstrated that phenomenal productivity increases are realised with engaged employees; why is that most organisations are still failing in this regard?

The answer lies in the fact that translating these strategies down to the lower levels of organisation is a manual process. If you are not engaging with your strategy on a regular basis, you most certainly will not be getting the buy-in and support required for success.

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